hi ive been trying to learn hearts burst into fire just recently and i can play all of the intro apart from the bit that is string tapped does anyone have any tips on how to do it because i never seem to get much sound when i do it
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yeah, tap harder, and also what i do is i add i little bit of pick in between the taps to get a little more sound... but im a noob haha
Contrary to popular belief, tapping ''harder'' won't benefit the sound of the taps in any way. They'll just come out unnecessarily stagnant and messy. It's actually the speed and velocity as which you attack the fret which determines volume and cleanliness.

Attack the string on an appropriate angle - one which allows comfort, but also the ability of your tapping finger to mute the string lower than the one it is tapping (your left hand pads can easily take care of the higher notes). Tap lightly, and accurately. Use only enough force to sound the note, even slightly. Once you've worked out how much energy you'll require, increase your velocity towards the fret, in order to sound a nice, clean note. And remember, it's your finger doing the tapping and speed motions, not necessarily your WHOLE hand! I've seen many people fall into the trap of moving their hand excessively, and it's become a great hindrance to their playing.

As a side note:
Left hand fingers should mute the higher strings
Right hand tapping finger should mute the lower string
Palm of your right hand should mute anything particularly low

It's always necessary not to learn to perform a technique, but rather to learn it clean so that it's functional and able to BE used. There's no point in driving a car if as soon as you take off, there's three pedestrians and a telephone post down. Take it steady.

Best of luck, and feel free to PM me or leave me a comment if you'd like any more help.

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Anchor your thumb on the side of the neck, make sure you're not tapping too close to the fret and experiment a bit with the direction you move your finger when you pull off. I find tapping and pulling of down towards the floor works for me but a lot of people do it differently. Also make sure your tapping finger is arched and you are tapping with the tip of your finger.
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tap as hard as possible, you know you've done it right when your fingers bleed
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will at least try when I get a jerb


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^Yes, because straining yourself every time you need to perform a technique is the sure fire way to know you're on the right track
Make sure you pull off fast and hard enough because that contributes to your sound alot.
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