ive finally decided to get rid of my line 6 spider 3 and get a new (decent) amp.

my main reason for doing this is because i want to build up a collection of pedals, and the spider doesnt work well at all with effects pedals.

can anyone advise me on a new amp.

im looking to spend up to £500

i play a lot of different types of music, so i need clean funky tones, chunky distortion sounds and good metal tones.

my current amp is 70 watts but as long as it can be heard well over a drummer, i dont mind the power

i havent got a clue what amp to buy, e.g. get a good clean tone amp and buy decent distortion pedals

anyone got any advice

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not sure exactly how much that is american but you should be within range of a vox ac15. pignoze gv40s are nice if you run them into a 2x12 cab and are deliciously moddable. whatever you get i would recommend a real all tube amp. as for wattage i have a 15 watt palomino and its PLENTY loud enough to keep up with a drummer and bassist and even enough for small gigs. you might want something with a clean channel though if you want to play at those volume levels with some overhead though (mines single channel and cant help but to go into classic rock distortion when pushed past 2/3 volume).
I think it would be better to buy an amp with good distortion rather than using pedals as your sole distortion sound.
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Peavey Vypyr Tube 60.

Vox VT50 or 100

+1 to both
The Vox AD50VT will have a very powerful sound and should be plenty loud enough.
And the Peavey is a Vypyr Tube. What more could you ask far at that price?
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