and Seppuku, our two new songs up on myspace!

Check them out, we love to know what people think!

Were a death/melodic metal band who take influences from all sorts of black metal and progressive bands

so add us while your there!

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Your recording quality is ****.

You guys are alright, but you need to really work on tightening the riffs/making your songs more interesting. The vocals are probably the strongest point, with some proper recording they may actually be good. The guitars were weak. Not necessarily in the sense of tone, but in terms of riffs. In the first song the riffs were pretty decent, but definitly a tonal issue. Its hard for me to really make a solid judgment based on these recordings though, sorry.

PS: I wouldn't label your band "progressive" because it had no progressive elements. I would also avoid "black metal" because the black metal heads on here will have inward orgasms (..bad..) if they find out you are labelling yourself such as that. I love black metal, this is not black metal; but I am not an ass about genres but don't want you guys virtually mutilated for it.
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thanks for the feed back.
we definately took your labeling under consideration
but as far as the songs go yea, the recordings were made with the small mic of a mac in the frog of my friends house, so the recordings are ****ty, no doubt about it.
however, thats the kind of sound we are going for. I feel that theres a real edge and sharpness to garage metal band recordings. One of the influences we take from black metal: natural recordings. So i could see where the tone would sound weak but as far as the riffs go... well we like them :-)

but we really do appreciate the feed back as well as the warning.

by the way, i dig the dark acoustic sounds in your profile.

thanks again, CORPSEYE
I understand what you mean about that black metal sound, but even black metal is generally more polished. Maybe a better mic would pick things up a bit better. If you are going to continue garage recordings like this, I would suggest your lead guitarist get a better pedal to accent the riffs to bring them out a bit more. They are pretty decent riffs, but like I said; tonewise they lack.
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hey i liked it. Screamer was fantastic. Best of all your in my area. So sometime i'd like to invite you guys to a show with us we are A Tragedy At Hand. right now we are writing so it won't be till a few months that we actually have a show.
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