I'm trading my five to sixth month old, mint condition, almost new all tube Randall RM50S 1X12 combo w/ no modules and a MXR Zak Wylde OD pedal for an Epiphone LEs Paul Black beauty with a case and a Plexi module. I already have a Randall RM100 head, so I don't really need a backup amp. I'm looking at this as a solid backup, already got a killer esp. Also, plan on swapping out the pickups for some dimarzio, most likely steve special, evo and breed. I believe this deal is fair and works out for both sides.
Sounds like a good deal to me.
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Anyone ever have experience's with EPI Les Pauls or the Balck Beauty in itself?
Absolutely. You may like the BB a lot, when it has some nice pups in.
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I'm thinking about dropping a Dimarzio Breed (neck), Dimarzio Steve special (Middle) and a Dimarzio Evolution (bridge) in it. Think that's be a good choice/combination to use? Ideally I would love to put in a Seymour Duncan JB, 59 and something else in it... but I already have the EVo and Breed and could get the Special off my friend for cheap....
The higher end Epi LPs are great IMO, and with a pickup replacement, I doubt you'll be disappointed. A mate of mine has a Black Beauty, it's really good.
Good to know. I'm making a 3.5 hour drive (8 total) to meet the person and make the trade. Relieves some anxious tension.
Bored at work and would like a little more input. Anyone have this guitar or an EPI close that could give me some specs and experiences with it. Pros? Cons?
the black beauty is a great guitar, but the pickups are a bit lifeless. you said you're replacing them, so that doesn't really matter. i managed to set mine up really well, and it plays like a dream (better than any gibson i've played). it gets a bit heavy for long jams or long shows, but nothing terribly tiring. be careful with the 3-way switch, mine broke and i could only use the bridge pu for awhile. i wouldn't really worry about it though, i seem to have bad luck with gear crapping out on me, most notably my $275 (with adapter) line 6 dl-4 . anyway, it's a great guitar, you should be happy with it
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hey, i'm sure that epi will be just fine. my epi G-400 (MIK) is fantastic and i've been using it for a few years with no quality problems other than volume pots. relatively cheap fix.

but you shouldn't have to throw anything on top of your RM50 for that guitar. if i were you i wouldn't include the OD pedal unless he's done some nice upgrades to the guitar. just saying.

good luck!
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i have an epiphone custom and i love it even when the stock pickups were in it wailed and i had no problem with output. (i play metal ala machine head) the only thing i didnt like was the gold hardware i personally dont like it so ive swapped it all to black. i did find that i had to replace the nut because the factory didnt file it properly but this was a $10 job at most so i wasnt that bothered

i put a tuqso nut in and its sound better.
i put a seymour duncan Alternative 8 in the bridge and a 59 in the neck

as someone said before the high end epiphones kick ass its really just a name thing

some people would rather see gibson on there.

but the way i see it for you is mod the hell out of it (im gonna get one to) keep the body clean and change the pickup rings and tuners and pickups and screw colour and pickguard

and you'll have a really unquine guitar with 3 pickups not that common and once you've upgraded your set.

Edit: the grover tuners on it are not the best even tho they say grover they suck at times you might want to change them to 18:1 grovers or sperzels
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The person is also throwing in another Module and possible a hardcase. I don't really use the MXr OD pedal.
^that's no reason to not hold on to it. you could post a seperate listing here on UG and i GUARANTEE you that you could sell it in probably a matter of hours if you put the price at $40 or $50 plus shipping.

think smart man, that gives you enough money to start on some new pups, sperzel tuners, replacement pots, etc.

you can never have enough 'maintenance' funds.
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
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*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out
What module? Just curious. And if you don't already have a hardshell for a LP, why not take it? He should throw it in for free anyway....
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