So I know that license floyds are soft and will wear out fairly quick. Wat about this one?
I'm gonna put a floyd on my frankie that I'm building so I'll route that body and everything but I want a good floyd without paying more then 140. If it's more then 100 really. Any other ideas or is that speedloader good?
i've heard its pretty bad

look around for a gotoh floyd, you can get them significantly cheaper than an OFR afaik and i've only heard good things about them
i dunno man, thats not being sold as a gotoh and IMO its not worth wasting your time or money on a licensed trem if you dont know its going to be great.

i would easily pay an extra 30-odd bucks for the gotoh just to know i would be safe
message lp addict and ask for a schaller floyd rose. Its the only thing worth buying.
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