Hey all, just listened to a piece I heard way back that was Avant-Garde metal so I thought I'd have a shot except I wouldn't make my totally dissonant like the one I heard so I added in some working melodies here and there .

Basically leave any full comments/critisms and I'll get back to you as soon as I can .
You can even complain how horrible it sounds all you want if you like . I know plenty of people who hate dissonant music so I don't mind if people generally don't like it. Thanks .

EDIT: Forgot to upload it for a sec oops .
Unforeseen Ways.zip
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Alright... i'm critting as I listen, and I only have MIDI right now since i'm at school... here we go :]

Intro is really good. Seems very grindcore so far. I really like the harmonizations. The part at 0:15 is really different from something I would expect. It seems like a good back for a solo. It sounds southern rock. The part at :18 and on is good. I like the notes you chose. It sounds really good with it.

At :39 it seems like a chorus to me. I really like this section and the drums are good, and have been throughout. The following part is definitely a good build-up to the extremely dissonant section following. And then back to the previous part at 1:13. I really enjoy it and your use of harmony here.

Oh wow. The bass here is really good. Really good solo. Very dark. I enjoy that alot. I didn't find the solo too wanky by any means so far. It just seems like you're picking notes as they go, and it works. The section at 2:03 is really good. It's a good ending to the solo.

The next part at 2:17 is an insane ending. I like it alot for an ending. You didn't carry it on too long, which is what alot of bands do, and I could definitely see the crowd breaking out to that part. Very good ending.

Musically, it was well put together, a little too many off-key notes for my taste, a little too dissonant, but tastefully dissonant. Though, it's not my kind of music. I did enjoy listening to it.

Overall, i'd give it a 8.5/10. It was good for what it was, but as a whole, it's not my thing. I've never heard much like it so you get points for originality ;] I can't really tell you what to change since, I assume, this is what you were going for.

Epicly evil man. Super deathly... it what it seems like.

I dug the first chorus, and the second with it's harmonies was really tite. The whole song, was very... very wacky. I can't really crit so much.

I liked it, is all I can say, really. It was cool, but I also didn't like it. It must've been the errattic behavior of the song. It was definitally a killer song.

8.5/10 can't say anything about it really.
Epicly evil man. Super deathly... it what it seems like.

I dug the first chorus, and the second with it's harmonies was really tite. The whole song, was very... very wacky. I can't really crit so much. It was nicely layered with the guitars, and the bass parts were good.

I liked it, is all I can say, really. It was cool, but I also didn't like it. It must've been the errattic behavior of the song. It was definitally a killer song.

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Cool that I inspired you.

Oh really?

This song is epic. It's very cramped and frightening. Truely avant-garde, as it has no pre-ordained constraints. Balls out madness with strange melodies. There's no wankery, the bass is excellent, and the grooves are to die for.
Your composition is very well structured. The end is a little awkward, but it's good you didn't push it any further.

Check out some of my pieces, if you don't mind (Mein Comps).
Interesting song man, I'm a huge fan of dissonance myself... I'll have to show you a few of my uber dissonant pieces sometime .

The thing is this song has parts where dissonance really pulls off a great effect; the interlude and the outro being the most obvious parts for me, and then other parts where I'm just wondering if there was any realy purpose to making it sound dissonant.

The solo was an interesting use of chromatics, with some parts that I found pretty cool actually, but it lacked a bit of energy variation - might have needed a more obvious climax, you know. On the other hand the end of Solo part 2, bar 45 - That was an awesome way to switch riffs, it really felt like a greatly pulled off cliffhanger, kudos to that.

Also considering you are a drummer, Points for the drumming, pretty cool stuff throughout.

This song has some great ideas, and it's definitely pretty different than most death metal songs out there, so credit for that. A lot of the ideas have potential of pushing further, but I think some riffs could sound better, i.e the instruments complementing each other more efficiently.

Still a cool song, I actually liked listening to it a lot.
Intro: Awesome Drumming O.o
Verse: Power but too dissonant in some parts
Chorus: Good Nothing to say
Post Chorus: Too dissonant for me
Verse 2: very enjoyable riff
Interlude 1: wow that's really insane.
Solos: Good, Nothing special
Outro: epic O.o awesome..

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Cool that I inspired you.

Bloodshed, as much as ur a aragant Bast*rd. your so right
Well, for starters, that wasn't half as dissonant as you made me think it was. :p

Cool intro riff. Didn't repeat too many times so that's good.
Nice heavy verse riff. Fit well in the song.
Chorus was good, but not really attention grabbing.
Verse 2 was the best part of the song for me. Cool rhythm going on there.
I liked the 3/8 fills you put in the chorus.
First part of the solo was good; can't complain.
Didn't like part 2 as much.
Chorus variation was really cool. Good job.
Outro was a little generic sounding, but it fit the song pretty well.

Cool song, bro. Even though it's not what I'd normally listen to, I still liked it.

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Hey thanks for the crit on the cool cats journey, here the first c4c

At first I have to say that I generally dont like this genre, some songs are just too complicated, there are always a few people trying to include as much tempo and rythm changes as possible :/

That means, I cant really say much about the riffs as I only use other times than 4/4 to include some variation but not to write a full song with it.
The riffs just sound kinda random to me. They are not really generic nor something special.

Favorite part was the outro and the chorus variation at the end. they both had a nice groove and I liked your drum work there.

All in all I cant really rate this song. The fact that I dont like it doesn't mean it's bad I suppose it could be a decent song If you put some open space in there.
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I've always wondered if dissonance is a planned thing, or just major fail on ebing able to harmonise nicely.

I don't think we'd think much of Mozart/Beethoven/Paginini etc if their pieces were dissonant, mhmm.
Oh, dude, where to start?

Yes, it sounds a helluva lot like grindcore toward the beginning. After that intro snippet, I like how it goes into a controlled chaos; you can tell the beat, even by the guitars, and the drums tie all of that together. The melodic part after that is tasty, adds a different flavor. I had to mill it around.

The part after that, felt like the cymbals were a little overbearing. Is it necessary to have it accompany every note there? If you feel it is, go for it, but that's just my take on it. I have to say, I love dissonant metal, and that dark solo you have kicks plenty of ass, as well as the break between that and the second. Carries through very well, all together, although I feel like I've heard that outro before. The conclusion note on it felt like it didn't play in with the dissonance of the piece, though -- I'm all for weird stuff, but it just didn't feel right to me. Like I said, if you feel it, go for it.

Anyway, mmm, that was a good listen.
Thanks for the crit.

Anyway, as this isn't really my genre, what follows may or may not be meaningful.

Intro: Not a bad riff, although not really intro like either

Verse: The first part it rather random, I liked it, but it didn't really fit in either, especially alternating between the rather random sounding riff from the intro.

Chorus: Not really a chorus considering it just continues on with the riff verse. Loved the lead guitar bit though. Bar 12 was just plain awkward.

Verse 2 was good. Drums were almost too frantic, but otherwise I liked it.

Interlude: Not very interesting. It should be jumping up and down yelling "look ma' I'm dissonant" I've heard far too many interludes like this and it's just been done to death. I'm fine with dissonance, but find a better way then the standard heavy riff, pause, dissonant note & repeat.

Added harmonies for the chorus were a very nice touch.

Solo was great. For the most part you had really excellent phrasing and note choice. I do however feel you overused outside notes and it lost a good deal of effectiveness because of it.

Chorus variation was nicely done.

Outro was good, but it didn't really fit the song.

Overall I enjoyed listening to it, but it felt more like a random collection of ideas than a cohesive piece of music. But maybe that's the point, I don't know.