Anyone know anything about this guitar? I may have a shot at getting it second hand (though practically new) for 200 euros or something. I couldn't find ANYTHING on this guitar. Anybody?
Based on other Fender AG series, that's not a particularly good deal.
AG just stands for "Acoustic Guitar" and appears to have been sold in there value guitar packs .... those boxed guitars that come with picks, instruction DVD, strap etc. I saw one just two days ago in the pawn shop for $249.00... that's the tag price, so I suspect you could deal down another $25.00 at least. Current cash conversion only makes that guit work about $150 euros.
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I own this guitar and purchased it from an authorized Fender dealer. This guitar was made for the 2001 or 2002 (I can't remember which one for sure) NAM Show and there were only 500 of them made. They were sent to select Fender Authorized Dealers via a lottery system. It was NOT part of any value pack. My husband purchased this guitar for me as a wedding present for $350 in 2003. The reason you can't find anything on this guitar is because, since it was only made for the NAM show, technically, it doesn't exist.