So i got a violin recently, searched and didn't find much, so i thought i'd create a thread.
Anyone else play? any good tips for starters? violin pr0n? any questions, it's all here.



a few good websites i found, i myself am currently getting destroyed by finding the correct notes on the fiongerboard
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I don't think there's enough people that play violin here to actually have a thread for it.
I play, by the way.
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I dont play, but i have friends who do.
They are not on UG, so i sent this thread to them, and if they need to know anything, i said i'd ask for them.
So keep it up.
I used to play. Never really appealed to me, so I switched over to cello, which I find to be more enjoyable.
I play violin (mainly for folk) and viola for classical and folk.

I love it, I think I'd forgotten how much 'till I broke out the viola arrangement of the Bach 'cello suites again this afternoon. Orchestras are great fun, but there's just something about solo repertoire that's really satisfying
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I ruv my viorin <3
7 years of playing and I'm still not very good.
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i did.. but it was in primary school, so i was about 9 :/ therefore i know nothing.