Hey all,
Last week I sent my tube amp in to an Amp techie to get fixed. The problem with it was a 'white-noise' like sound on the clean channel that could be also heard slightly on the drive channel. I just rang up and the guy said that a pre-amp valve had gone and that he had serviced the amp as well as performed the replacement of this valve.
He has quoted/charged me £68 for this, and as I know little to nothing about the maintenance or servicing of a tube amplifier, I just wanted to know if this was a fair price he will be charging me when I go to pick it up? When looking for tubes on the internet I thought they cost around £10-25 each. Any help from any genuine tech-guys would be helpful!

NB: In dollars this would be around $120 for any US replies
Sounds a little high, but you have to look at it like this, he is going to make money on the tube. He isn't going to change a tube for free. To make it worth his while he isn't going to do it for a buck. You are also spending money on his skill and time. He also probably spent time trying to find the issue which costs.

I sure hope this is a tube amp you sent him though and not a SS.
No I sent him a solid state amp which doesn't have tubes to change a tube and I didn't realise that he was going to charge me to do a service to my amp and pay for it out of his own back pocket seeing as he is running a business..........

The question I asked was is he ripping me off for basically changing 1 valve
I don't know where you live so don't know what the prices/competition is like in your area
Most places charge a 'bench' fee to just look at the amp. Say maybe £20 - £30. Then you pay the hourly rate for him to find the problem (should've been one of the first things to check in a tube amp though), cost for tube (dependent on quality £10 - £30, do you know the make/model he replaced it with?), then the hourly rate again for servicing (depends what this entailed, checking every component's integrity, re-wiring if needed/re-soldering could take a while on a large complicated amp).

£68 seems a little high but the only way to know if he was ripping you off is get a breakdown of what you paid for and check with any other local places that could do the job and see what they quote you (as always the cheapest is rarely the best option though).

I bet now seem like a good time to learn more about amps so this doesn't happen again

btw - there was no need to be sarcastic to PainIsPower, his points were valid, especially considering some of the posts we get on this forum. I'm sure the SS thing was tongue in cheek.