I've had this tune that has been stuck in my head all day and it's driving me crazy!

So I got home today and I recorded it on guitar and I uploaded it on my profile, it's called 'Random'.

Can someone please tell me what song this is from?! I'm pretty sure it's some 90's pop hit or something like that.
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Reminded me a bit of Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz.

No it wasn't that. I know what it is I just can't think of the title but I know for sure that isn't what it is.
It sounds almost like paralyzer by finger 11, just not the drum parts.

Actually, I'm leaning towards salt&pepa on this one.
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What is this?

A center for ANTS??

(This immediately came to mind after reading the title)

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(This immediately came to mind after reading the title)

Same here.

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