Been a long time since I could crank up the MkIV (being at college and all) but a few days ago I was jamming with someone, and something seemed kinda fishy with the volume....

I had the power settings all on the lowest save one option (full power, not tweed) master output at around 8 and the channel volumes around 5, 10 for clean. Now, if I remember right last time I had the volume knobs like this it was blisteringly loud. What gives? What tube would it be causing this a power tube or preamp?
Have you also experienced a drop in gain?
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i had this this "problem" on my rect some time ago...the send level on the fx loop has very much inpact on the volume , even tho there no pedals in the loop, not sure if it is the same on the mark tho
Yngwi3 - Gain seems the same since I got it (used) which is good as far as I know. Although I was looking up info on the preamp tubes and I'm led to believe they are Chinese made. So sounds like a power amp problem then?

Just remembered that the other night the volume was doing some wild things like crackling. Kinda like ocean noises when I was adjusting the master, lol Idk how to explain it