Hello there. I'm looking at buying a new guitar and am currently torn between a Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Explorer, or an ESP EC-1000.

Now, I had a go on the ESP today, and it sounded really nice, but I'm thinking that the EMGs it comes with might be better suited for someone who plays mostly metal and I really don't think that I really play that much metal to stick with it in the long run. There is a model that comes with Seymour Duncans instead, which may better suit my needs. I just think it's a bit of an ugly colour.

As for the Gibsons, everyone knows the Les Paul is a classic, and I've kind of always wanted an Explorer, so I'm thinking I might strike while I have the funds for it.


Edit: I realise that I may have posted this in the wrong forum, but whatever.
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The Eclipse that has the SD's in it is freakin ugly.

I am partial to an explorer myself... Been fairly happy with mine.
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