I'm getting a "PG14 Performance Gear Wireless Guitar System", and I'm getting it online, and it gives me 3 options of the CH-M7, K7 and H7. Just wondering what those 3 options exactly are...Color? Or.....? Also If you think theres a better wireless system for about 300$, suggestions would be appreciated

It sounds like frequency band options but I'm not sure. Check the MFRs website itself for more details.

Here's theanswer from SHUREs FAQ.

I want to purchase a PG wireless system and want to travel around the U.S. with it. Which band should I purchase?

Performance Gear (PG) wireless microphone systems are tunable over a 12 MHz range, the equivalent of two U.S. television channels. To successfully find a clear operating frequency, you must have at least one of the two television channels open in the city where you intend to use the wireless system. In some cities, both TV channels in a given frequency band may be occupied. In this case, that particular frequency band should not be sold and/or used in the city. Shure has three frequency bands available for the PG wireless series.

None of the bands are useable in every city in the U.S. This is why we have three frequency bands. Consult the table below to see which frequency bands will be unusable in certain cities, e.g., if you are in Cleveland, you should not use H7. If you are in Providence, you should not use H7 or M7. Note that this table only covers the top 20 “television markets” in the United States.

Frequency Bands to Avoid by City:
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