Hello Guitarists
I got a Dunlop Original Wah-pedal a few months ago and it has worked mighty fine till now. As I was playing today I decided it was time for a 'lil wah-wah, so I stepped on the pedal and then my sound disappeared entirely. I didn't really understand what was happening, so I tried putting on some distortion to try and localize the problem. With dist. on I could hear a subtle noise when stepping on the pedal, but no to little "wah-wah'ish" sound. I picked up the pedal and peered through the chink. Inside the pedal there is some kind of white "cream" and since I'm not really into the anatomy of pedals and such, I'd like to hear what could be the reason for this malfunction or whatever it is :p
Any advice?

The cream should be grease for the gears. I don't wantt to state the obvious but have you checked the battery?
Moving on.....
First, thanks for all the very fast responses ^_^
It might be the battery, but it's a kindda weird if it is empty already, changed it like a week ago :p
I really hope it is just that battery, I'm going to get a new one soon and check

.. And yeah, Lewadra it was kindda orgasmic
Wah pedals draw power when the guitar cord is inserted so for maximum battery like always unplug your cords when not in use!
Moving on.....
Thank you for the advice, KenG!
As stated before, I'm new to pedals
again, thanks a lot to all of you!
What a thread.
It's good to see it isn't broke though. I did the same and was doing the hysterical "WTF WHY IS MY PEDAL BROKE OMG *RAGE AT MUM*" turns out i left the lead in

Haha Sammm1, we've all been the situation where EVERYONE is a suspect... Except one self, whom haven't done anything
One should consider the more logical reasons
But hell, we ARE human :p