My band are looking to play a cover of this song but using my guitar and effects instead of the synths.

My main woe at the moment is that my chords aren't great so I could do with some help from you guys. The first looped chord I'm playing (whammy for pitch shifting) either as:

-8--          ----
-10-          -1--
----    or    -2--
----          ----
----          ----
----          ----

I have vague inklings about the other chords used but not concrete. During the verse there is a simple chord progression on a keyboard that I could do with in tab form and also the sort of middle eight has some chords as well that I need.

Readily accessible effects are: Kaoss Pad 2, DD-6 delay, digitech whammy (those are the main ones for this i reckon) as well as MXR Phase-90, PH-2 phaser, zvex fuzz factory, ds-1, small stone chorus, a trem of sorts and a few old multi effects pedals by zoom.

Cheers for any help and sorry for my poor chord transposing or whatever.