Will different pups have noticeable differences in sound if Im playing through a modelling amp? I read somewhere that the amp takes your singnal and changes it to match a certain amp model so thats why Im asking.
Next to nothing.

Pickups aren't worth buying for Modelling and most SS amps.

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The Cube 30 Bass is actually pretty sensitive to different pickups. I don't know if that holds true to the guitar version though.
I've found that better pickups with a modelling amp can help clean up some of the muddiness that the stock pickups cheap guitars have. As far as the tone there is a difference but it's not a big difference. I've used Seymour Duncan, EMG, Gibson, GFS, Epiphone and various other brands and the better brands have much better clarity but that's really the only big change. The tone only changes a little.
There was a difference for me even in my Pod XT. It wasn't huge, but it still sounded better.

The thing is, that's not going to make a big enough difference in tone for the cost involved at that level. If you want better tone, you're better off with other improvements first.
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i find the difference between my strat and warp almost unnoticeable in a pod/spider thing - just different levels of hiss. through my cube the strat has a...strat tone and the warp has creamy leads and raw metal sounds out of it - it really depends on the amp.

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