well while checking out guitars for another user i came across strats in white which i have never reeli looked at cos im happy with my sunburst
but my god they are beautiful , so im thinking about picking one up
but i i cant decide which one


just the standard

or this http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_deluxe_roadhouse_strat_mn_aw.htm
the roadhouse with tortoise shell pickguard, they are both amazing looking,

is there a difference appart from the pickguard , if not i will probably get the standard and replace the pickguard, it will be cheaper
i know the pickups are different are the ones in the roadhouse significantly better
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The Texas Special pickups are a lot better than normal stock pups.

If you can, try for the Roadhouse I suppose.

It's all up to you.
yeah ive found with my strats that the roadhouse pickups sound alot better than the stock ones but just pick whatever one you like best, go to a shop and try them out, it just depends on what you like at the end of te day