Hey can anyone recommend me a fairly cheap (under £60) distortion or overdrive pedal that you use or think is good? I need it for Hendrix or red hot chili pepper style rock stuff so it's not super heavy (just something that will add a suitable amount of gain and is quite versatile)
Please reply!!!
Standard questions:
What amp are you using?
What guitar are you using? (say if it has a pickup change)
What style of music will you be playing? (you answered this, ignore)
ugh....again....here we go

digitech grunge or monkey
boss ds-2
Marshall Jackhammer

Epi Les Paul Std w/Duncans
Cry Baby From Hell
Marshall JH-1
EHX Metal Muff
MXR EVH Phase 90
Carl Martin Classic Chorus
EHX #1 Echo
Ibanez LU-20
Dunlop DCB-10
Crate V50112
Tascam US144

Vox Satchurator. It's more expensive about £80-90, but it's well worth it. I can get some good Hendrix/Chili sounds out of it, and a hell of a lot more. If your not concerned about metal, then save up and buy this.

I wasn't sure about buying this, but when I did, I was pleased. It doesn't melt your face off, but that's good for me. I'm quite a mellow player, but I can still reach 'Tallica tones from it.

Check some vids out. ::type

Hope this helps.
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