After reading the sticky... haha

run away
just tell me when
id follow you
to the edge of the earth
you know we could do anything
hide under the covers
and be secret lovers
and honestly i
dont know anymore
and honestly i dont care
if its raining or sunny
when your
with me
my stomach feels weird
and yet
feel whole
i wish we lived by ourselves
holed up in a cottage
and you would be my soul
and id try not try to ruin it
and i would be your love
but id surely ruin that.

and thats all i want
a storybook ending
a cliche movie
but my hearts still mending
is that what you want
i love so true
in the beginning it was a crush but it grew
i love you now
this much i know
i wish we could run away
and noone would ever know.
Originally Posted by johnnynemo
"I can't believe you didn't dress up. You're the weirdest guy on this shift."
I said "I was gonna dress like your mom, but I didn't feel like growing a beard".