i'm looking to spend €300($390/£260) on a new guitar.
i play mostly rock like queens of the stone age and foo fighters, i also play abit of blues in the form of seasick steve.
i can't decide and when i find one i like i change my mind so advice and recomendatoins will be greatly appreciated.
i spent a long time looking at ibanez strats and found that they appeared to be good value for money
Ibanez or Dean for the money. (both are made in China, but the Chinese have really come a long way in their craftmanship).
Are you looking for a single coil guitar or one with humbuckers? Sorry, don't know what guitars the Foo-Fighters use. I'm guessing humbuckers.
i would prefer humbuckers i particularly likr the sound that you get out of them. i like the looks of the ibanez art 120 but i can't try it out since i don't know if there are any dealers in my country letalone near me
Some times with a reputable manufacturer such as Ibanez you don't need to play it to know it's going to be good......especially in your situation and remember, you can always return it you mail order.
I would say maybe an Ibanez Artcore? I think it would work well for blues and I know that Dave Grohl uses a semi hollow, granted it is a gibson custom model with burstbucker humbuckers, but the Ibanez seems like a cheap alternative. An AS73? I dunno really. These are just my recommendations. I don't know about the humbuckers in them because they are Ibanez/Artcore designed, I've played one though and it played perfectly fine, the strings were a little too tense in my opinion, but all around it is a good guitar.
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thanks for the suggestions i think i'll keep looking and read some reviews in particular the art 120 since i would prefer a solidbody than semi holow