Poll: What tube for Mesa Mark IV w/Strat?
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View poll results: What tube for Mesa Mark IV w/Strat?
JJ's EL34
10 83%
E-H EL34
2 17%
Voters: 12.
Option 1: Electro-Harmonix EL34 EH Duet Platinum Matched-



Option 2: JJ's El34


Background: I have a strat (sss) that probably could use a little "darkening" which points to option one. BUT, they also said in their description that those are more prone to mechanical noise in combo amps, whice I have (MESA Mark IV).
I'm glad you look the thread over, but this question should in fact be in the thread. Regardless, if you're looking for a darker tone I'd go for JJs, they tend to be fairly dark. But, considering how dark mesas are, they may be too dark. I guess the best way is to try them out and find out.
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Why only those two choices?
I've used EH EL34's and they were good, but became a little noisey after about 6 months. Not to say all EH's will though, I also push my poweramp really hard.

I've never used JJ poweramp tubes. But have heard they are good. I've also heard that the pins are a bit smaller than the average tubes which has caused proper seating issues.
I also heard that current new production JJ's have been having some quality control issues. So you may want to research/look into that.

I have been extremely happy with the Svetlana EL34's I put in my amp last year. They're just the standard $18 Svetlana's, not the "winged C" ones.
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+1 to the Svetlanas, I like those, great tubes for the price for sure.

IMO, Ruby EL34BSTRs are the best on the market though, I put those in my Mark IV and it made it sound a lot better.
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