I'm sure someone else will have already done this before but nevermind. Yesterday I decided to try and record some of the Star Wars music in a metal style. I got a MIDI off the internet (Credit to the person who sequenced the MIDI I'm using, its awesome) added some drums, messed around with the instrumentation and added some guitar.

Unfortunately the PC I do my recording on then decided to die so I can't do any more on this until its fixed. I thought I would share what I have so far, ignore the last quarter or so, its just MIDI with no guitar and ends abrubtly but its the only mp3 version I have of it at the moment!

I thought I would upload it to get some feedback and ideas from people so when my PC is back up and running I can make a proper go of this project! The song is on my profile - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/nagirrab/ should be pretty obvious which one it is!

Cheers for looking!
wow. i am suprised. that was REALLY good. lol we need soem tabs for that. C4c the sig or subscribe or something please.
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