Are there many other riders around here?

It's snowing in Edinburgh now (which is amazing because it never does) so i managed to get out and ride on this golf course on a big hill by my house, it was great.

How is it right now for everyone else?
Skiing FTW.
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Here it's minus 40 Celsius every weekend so I haven't rode so much this year.
i did ride once, stopped riding for some reason...i miss it now when we have ~1m of snow...come to think of it i think i saw my old board last summer at my parents place, i might have to dig it out one of these days. after all, now i can ride in my backyard :P not the steepest or highest hill around but my eye spies some good jumps
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I ski and board, but don't own any gear so can't go out in the snow Otherwise, I'd be out there man!
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I ski and board, but don't own any gear so can't go out in the snow Otherwise, I'd be out there man!

i go every weekend to Massachusetts. About a three hour drive for me.
I used to ski but i started to snowboard. All my friend now ski and im the only snowboarding in the group unless i feel like skiing for that day again.
Snowboarding = my life during the winter time. I make a 2 hour trip every weekend to Pennsylvania if conditions are good. What kind of gear do you have TS? I've got a Nidecker board with Drake bindings and 32 boots.
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Skiing FTW.

grok it.


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Kinda.. well I stand on a board - I surf! Surfing ftw!!
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I snowskate but really I love snowboarding, need to do ski club again next year, I went once this year and really got a lot better at rails and boxes

I tried snowskating, I failed bad. The board didn't move anywhere
i snowboarddddddddd need a new one though,
im going burton for sureeee
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