I am a beginning guitar player and i just wanted some suggestions for good classic rock songs that are easy to play...any help would be great!
try some stuff like wonderwall by oasis or hey joe by hendrix, they're nice and easy
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anything by ac/dc, some sabbath (war pigs and paranoid and iron man) and of course

stairway to heaven and smoke on the water

that should get ya started
Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy is pretty easy too. And most definitely classic rock
Smoke on the water - the song everyone can play, but nobody wants to
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try some stuff like wonderwall by oasis or hey joe by hendrix, they're nice and easy

Wonderwall or any Oasis for that matter is NOT classic rock. And if your gonna do Hendrix's take on Hey Joe right, then its not gonna be easy at all for a beginning guitarist.
All ac/dc stuff is pretty easy most of their songs are 3 chords rock songs. So that would be a good place to start. Highway to hell is really easy and is a classic.
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try some cream songs...i started with those, and they were very appealing as a beginner....i thought "IM PLAYING A CLAPTON SONG!!! AWESOME"
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Back in black- acdc
Carry on my wayward son - Kansas
Heartbreaker -led zep
Hotel california - eagles
Let it be -beatles
Knocking on heavens door -guns n roses
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Smoke on the water of course, intro of Money for nothing (Dire straits)
Yellow submarine - Beatles