So I was playing with my band, and my Crate that i'd just bought 2 months prior, had blown. After telling people this, i was told the amp really didn't suit my style anyway.
What I play is stuff like Black Sabbath, then Pantera, then Dream Theater.

I like a really high gain. The pedal I use is an Electroharmonix Metal Muff. Anyway, I need an amp to replace this before our next jam session, and I don't know how volumes compare between solid state and tube, but something as loud as a 50 watt tube.

I was told to get a solid state for metal if I didn''t have 3000 to spend on a good tube head and cab. And my budget is about 600$.

Any help would be appreciated because I don't have time to go try out every amp at Musicstop.

My guitar is a Jackson DK2M Dinky if that changes anything.
Ampeg VH140c, Mesa F-30, F-50, DC-3, DC-5.

Peavey is also releasing a 6505+ combo for around your budget soon. Check it out.
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The 6505 combo seems a little pricey actually.
I just need something at least 50 watts that will go over drums, solid state or tube, doesn't matter.
The Mesa's are too expensive as well, since i can't really find a used one locally in a short period of time, i'm forced to buy new.
The new 6505+ 112 is supposed to sell at $500 ish. Are you in the US? The 212 version sells for $500-$600 used. Edit: So do the other amps he listed.