I'm having this strange problem with my apm at this place where we practice...
Every time I'm playing guitar, and the bass drum is played on, my amp makes a distortion-like noise, which can be very annoying.
Strage thing is, I don't have the same problem at home (i tried playing near my drum) and there's no noise at all.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

This is what i play with:
- Randall RG100 G3
- Fender Strat
- Korg AX1500G

do you have a reverb can in your amp?
Cause it may be just springs ringing when the bass drum is played, and to fix it just turn the reverb down
Could be electrical, Try using an adapter to disconnect the ground from your amp. Or if it is'nt grounded try grounding it. Don't know what the drum would have to do with that unless it's vibrating a loose connection or the strings on your instrument.
Sounds most like the reverb chamber to me, my other guitarist was getting the same thing at band practice the other week, so our drummer pointed that out.
Hes too flippin lazy to get it checked out though....

I dont have to worry about any of that though
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Well my reverb is always set to 0 on the amp (I use my pedal for all effects).
I will try placing it on a chair. Strange thing though is I don't have the same problem at home, only at this place were we practice. Oh, and it also happens when the bass is playing...

Thanks for suggestions, I'll give it a try
The reverb settings just mean that the can isn't feeding sound into the amp. The springs are still active.
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