Hi I just registered on this site. Hehe^^
I haven't had lessons before but I'm able to read tabs. Is there any place where I can learn some tips and tricks and can someone link me to some easy beginner tabs.

P.S. I play fingerstyle.
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Just do a search for beginner lessons in the seach bar bellow the title of the home page. be sure to select lessons from the menu
hmmm check out(in order of difficulty) - war of the worlds by get cape. wear cape fly.
- all i got by newton faulkner
- heartbeats by jose gonzales (only try this if your willing to tune your guitar to a weird tuning)
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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YouTube worked for mee

Oh by the way, if you really want to be a tr00 guitarist, wear a cape and a mask.
You'll look like Zorro.
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I find ... whatever the song, going through the chord version of the song first to get a strumming feel for it, and then moving onto the full TAB to get the nuances and licks is a much easier way to fast track learning a new song.

Oh, and if a chord version or tab doesn't sound right to you, make sure to check the comments. I find about 10 - 20 % of the posted chord versions and some tabs too will have mistakes. These are often pointed out and corrected by someone in the comments section.
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I don't know how to read chords... I've never had a single lesson before...
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I don't know how to read chords... I've never had a single lesson before...

If you need this much help then please check out Justin Guitar, the link is in my first post, the site offers free lessons both via youtube and written lessons though the site. The guy who runs it, Justin Sandercoe is both a profesional musicial and a profesional guitar teacher.
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Time to work on the chords mate. Music is chord based so the chords is an important step.

Since you're a finger picker chords ARE a must. Learn with the open chords (nut chords) and those chords (shapes) can be moved to positions with a barre on the fretboard.

Here's your very first lesson, tune the guitar and always tune the guitar when you play.

You cannot develop your ears with an untuned guitar.
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