Recently i bought a pevey vypyr 30 but the tone from i get from it is pretty muddy. I just cant find a good metal tone from it without it being too muddy. The guitar i have is http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jackson-MG-Series-DKMG-Dinky-Electric-Guitar?sku=514218. Which i also have a question about if anyone knows. Is it the same as http://guitars.musiciansfriend.cm/product/Jackson-DKMG-Dinky?sku=512231 ? The description under my guitar says that its dxmg but the page name says is dkmg and the pickups on it are in different positions than the 2nd guitar i linked. Which leads me to believe they could be different and musiciansfriend ****ed up the descriptions.

I might swap the amp for cube 30x but i dont have any near me to try it. Is it the guitar or the amp ? Also the cables are monster 500, im gonna swap them for the monster rock see if that makes a difference.
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If you can swap it for a cube 30x, do so.

The cubes tone in anything but muddy.
Yeah im gonna try to get the cube, i like the vypyr a lot but the tone is just a bit too muddy.(or maybe im doing something wrong here)

Only problem is i cant try the cube. Also is getting rock monster cable over the 500 worth the money ? And about the guitar, for some reason the red one isnt on the same page as the other dkmg guitar finishes are which makes no sense. Also the pick ups on it are in different positions. On the dkmg the orange emg is in the bridge. On my guitar its in the neck. So im pretty lost if its the dkmg or not, im thinking MF messed something up.
the vypyr has a VERY large learning curve, seeing how its all digital with lights and whatnot, but once you get the hang of it you can get pretty much any kind of tone you want, i wouldnt swap out just yet, id spend some time with your beloved vypyr
Yeah im still messing around with it to see if i can get better sound out of it. Im still pretty lost about my guitar. I looked around on different websites and im not sure if its dkmg or not. Pick ups are in different positions and on every website its listed on a different page than the dkmg. I might just get rr3 like i wanted to in the first place.
you might be using too much low end
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Yeah could be which is why ill give it another week. I just unscrewed the neck and yeah it dkmg. I guess MF messed up their description on it.

K so the emg 85 is the one that has emg in written in golden color. And on my guitar its in the neck like it suppose to be. Anyone knows why on other dkmg guitars its in the bridge instead of the neck ?
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What are your EQ settings at?
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