Im recording guitar on audacity for the first time and I've used it before to edit things and never really had a problem. But when I tryed to record my guitar it recorded it showed that it had been recorded but when I go to play it I can't hear it and nothing is muted my guitar is up the whole way. What's wrong?
Audacity sucks in my opinion. open Windows Media Player, play a song until the end, then try your problem with WMP still open. i know the concept sounds wierd, but it's solved multiple audio problems for me. try it and if it doesent work, let me know.

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OK, there's a couple thing I can think of. I'd like to know if you were hearing yourself when you recorded.

Either way...

Make sure the Input Level Meter is disabled, I think it has to be for playback, not sure though.


Go under Edit-> Preferences->Devices->Playback Device (make sure your soundcard is selected)

Hope this helps.