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Worn Brown
8 17%
Worn Cherry
3 7%
4 9%
Worn Vintage Sunburst
6 13%
Arctic White
25 54%
Voters: 46.

I'm buying this probably next week or so, and I hope you guys can make my decision a little easier. The only one they have on display at the store (not sure if they have more in the back) is the Worn Brown one. After looking at the pictures, and seeing videos of the different ones, I'm having a tough time deciding which one is nicer, the Worn Brown or the Arctic White. Does anyone have any of these colors, and can help me out a bit? Thanks! Don't forget to vote!
The white is stunning I love white guitars they always look so awesome
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White looks smooth, I mean in a cool Jazz club kinda smooth, nice choice too, the Epi Dot Studio is a nice guitar to play for the price

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white, i just have a thing for white guitars, waited 3 months for the local guitarstore to order a white gibson les paul studio, couldnt get it so i ended up getting an amazing deal on a black classic ;> ah well
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Quote by Pac_man0123
Am i the only one that thinks white just doesn't really work on a DOT?

I don't know, I like it on LP's a LOT, but I guess it's a love/hate thing. I like the way they look in white.