I'm having my uncle build me an acoustic version of the Rickenbacker 360.

Its strictly acoustic though.

So how can I convert it to an acoustic-electric?
I thought maybe putting a piezo strip under the bridge and guiding it out the strap button, and then dropping in the controls on the side.

How difficult would this be?

And how do I go about doing it?
you can simply put in a removable p/u that sits in the hole
or install the piezo

depends on what you need/want

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well as it has a Rickenbacker 360 shape, it has a single f-hole as soundhole.

That's why I decided on piezo strip mounted under the bridge.

So how do I install it?
a guy a know has a steel string acoustic fitted with a real humbucker (low output) and it is very cool, im not sure how he attached it though, in the soundhole like an acoustic pickup ya know?

(no, its not a semihollow)
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