Alright, I've seen a ton of ds-1 mods all over the interwebs and UG. But I bought a cheap (£30) Arion SDI-1 distortion pedal and I don't know how to mod it. (SDI-1 stands for stero distortion, it has two outputs).

I've tried google, but the best I could find is someone who charges for them to mod it for you. And I like to do it myself.

So what I'm asking is if anyone knows where I could find links to site tutorials for mods like this, or even schematics.

I'm looking to mod it to make it sound better and to try and squeeze some wierd sounds out of it

Thanks for you help in advance
well, they dont use the same circuit, so the mods will be different.

maybe study a couple of DS-1 mods, and try to find similar components on the arion and see if you can make the same changes.

tl;dr: not all mods are the same, and they differ (sometimes dramatically) pedal to pedal.
yeah, I've been looking at the keeley mods, but saw that the circuits were completely different when I took the Arion apart.