Hey, there is a great band called "Before & Ever After"! They are amazing! Has anyone ever heard of them? They are just three guys from Massachusetts and they are so nice. If you want to listen to them, they have a myspace:

B&EA's myspace :]

and their PureVolume link is:

Trust me guys, They are AMAZING! You will fall in love with their voice :]
Give them a try! I would give them 234982374 thumbs up, but I only have 2 thumbs Lol :]
sounds like a worse Four Year Strong minus creativity to tell the truth.

but Kudos to these guys. They're doing quite a bit right I guess.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
They are a great band. I don't care what they sound like. I gave them a chance and listened to them I love them :]
So..Boo haters :[
^Jesus, shut up.

You can't take other people's criticism on a band you like?
Do people actually have that kind of disposition?

I listened to it and it was bland and mediocre.
Poor advice.
The first recording sounded pretty poor quality. Not sure if thats the bands fault for being crap or just not being able to afford proper production quality, probably a bit of both.
Have to agree with its rock about the four year strong but not as good comment.
First listen, i actually like them. They should keep it up.
Can't wait for the summer!