So me and a friend are going to play Toy Store by OAR for a "talent show" at our school, audition's on wednesday. We are sure there IS NOT a tab for the electric solo on the internet. That is the only part we don't have done. Any help? I've gotten like one bar's worth of it down but I can't play from ear very well yet, something I NEED to get a grasp on.

Here is an included mp3 of the song.
02 Toy Store.mp3 - 10.30MB

the solo starts right at 4:00

If anyone can help it would be GREATLY appreciated.

EDIT: I see there is a powertab request thread, if someone wants to do this in powertab, the better. No guitarpro please though, I don't have the software.
Not everyone here is this sad fu<ked up &cold
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Ya i've seen that one, except the solo doesn't go into the two stringed "chords" until a little further in, although it might be the accoustic outro solo.
Not everyone here is this sad fu<ked up &cold