My peavey windsor is a great amp but it could use a little bit better clean and a hotter distortion. What are some pedals I could use to give it a better sound?
Cleans- Maybe change out the tubes to some lower output tubes, still won't help that much.

Distortion- Check out an overdrive like the Tubescreamer, it really tightens up your sound and can add some gain if you need it to.

well the cleans are just ****ty they don't sound clean. i love my amp but it lacks cleans
i dont know if a pedal....maybe an EQ.....can help with with the cleans, since, like you say, they are ***ty to begin with (i'm guessing that is gritty, lifeless, D) all of the above).

heck, maybe a subtle chorus will help to cover up some unwanted tones while clean.
Well from what from what ive heard windsors just have crap cleans to begin with. So its sort of like polishing a turd. Maybe some light chorus would clean up your..well cleans?

I dunno.
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if you lower the gain to the lowest, the guitar volume as well, and raise the volume. maybe putting a boost pedle, it might be able to boost the cleans.
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