Hi all, I'm Brodie, a long time lurker, but first time poster.

Now, I dont play guitar (I play bass), but my brother has an Epiphone LP custom, and I was thinking about a tremolo.

Would I be right in assuming that the tuning problems that bigsbys have are a result of the saddles not moving with the strings?

Working under that assumption, I had a thought... What if it was possible to have a surface mount fulcrum trem, with the springs changed to a bigsby style under the tremolo arm, and have the whole thing mounted on a plate that uses the original LP mounting points?

Something like this...
i remember a thread on something like this before.
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The idea is to avoid having to rout the body, like you have to with a fulcrum trem or strat trem.
There is a floyd rose that does this for les pauls so you don't have to route out any of the precious mahogany.
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Stetsbar uses the original mounting posts and has very good tuning stability from what Ive read, plus its a floating bridge
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