for some reason out of nowhere my guitar will not go in tune. ill start with the e string, and by the time i get to the high e, the low e is once again at the exact same pitch as it was beofre i started tuning, and this pattern repeats. the guiatr has a double locking floyd rose licenced bridge, and i dont know if this has anything to do with anything, but there seems to be alot of tension on the bridge. like its way pulled up. (its a floating bridge). any help?
you have to open up the cavity in back and adjust the screws, tighten them to make the springs in the cavity pull tighter, this will make your bridge sit level, it may take some time to adjust it but adjust the screws, then tune and keep repeating until the guitar is in tune and the bridge is level, you probably used a different string gauge than you had on before.
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