i looked at the brian setzer signature and they are selling it at 17 grands over here in the uk (around $30,000 over in the US) to me they look impressive but i only know a handful of players who use them ie john frusciante but he rarely uses it. plus that kind of money is like over half a years wages for most
i hear ya but most grestch's i see are way over the £1000/$1500 price tag
Idk, I believe the Electromatics are of good value, seeing that I own one.
They are expensive, but that brian setzer better be one of the handmade in the U.S. ones, otherwise yes it is a ripoff. We have one of the Japanese ones at my store for around $2750 CDN. Also, most of the electromatics can become whatever American gretsch you want with a few pickup/hardware upgrades, and you can get the same specs for under $1500 easy. They're only overpriced if you want the American ones.
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I see plenty of double jets among others in the jet serious sold aroudn here for 1k-1.5k$, I don't think thats overpriced..underpriced really.

Gretch just makes very high quality guitars, though. High quality everything = high prices across the board.

Also I don't think Frusciante owns one. In his video of 'the past recedes' he states he had shown every one of his guitars he currently owns. The only three electrics were his signature Strat, a tele of some sort, and a guitar that I cannot name but I can tell you isn't a gretch because of its' design.