So mesa and the folks at my local guitar shop said only use mesa tubes in my very recently purchased Dual Recto Roadster head. I really wanted an Orange amp, they sound great, but they only do 2 tones without pedals, clean or jimmy page. My mesa manual says I can use the mesa EL34 and my britt channel will sound more brittish but the other channels will suffer. What im wondering is has anyone used any other tubes? anyone use the JJ/Eurotubes KT77s (which I understand is sort of a 6l6/EL34 hybrid) or the KT66/88 combo? Im leaning more towards the 66/88 set because the with the 77s I cant use the amp in diode recto mode. So, yeah, ...anyone?
I always thought that any kind of KT required a mod, but u dont only need to use mesa's. use any brand u care to, just dont change the actual kind of tubes (i.e. always use el34's or whatnot)
First off, I'd avoid Eurotubes. Never trust a store that sells one thing, especially when all the other stores sell more than one thing for the same price.

Second, all tubes bias different, so you'd most like have to mod something for your recto to accept KT tubes of any type.

Third, use only mesa tubes. Hmm, the company who sells the tubes says there the only tubes you should use. Again, never trust a store that only sells on brand, especially when the price is higher than everyone elses is!

In short, you can use any brand of tubes you want (make sure you mention the amp so the company can get tubes that will bias correctly in your amp since the bias isn't adjustable), but you most likely will not be able to use anything but 6l6s or EL34s without modding the amp.
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"Second, all tubes bias different"

Preamp tubes don't need to be biased.
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^ he meant powertubes.
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Mesa tests their power tubes so the rating will be within their amp specs. As Kevin said, these amps have a non adjustable bias. So the Mesa tubes are just plug in and play.
You can use other tube brands though of course.

Groove Tubes are kind of similar, as in their tubes are tested for consistant ratings and as long as you replace the existing GT's in a Fender amp with the same color coded tube type then no bias is necessary.
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All tube companies test for that, so you could order the tubes from tubedepot.com, tell them what your amp is and they'll match as close as the mesa tubes. O they'll cost less and sound as good if not better.
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