So, we need an album cover. Can be creative and imaginative as you want.

Our album is selftitled "Acidic Dump"

Thanks, Killer B & Ray Bombowar
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i say u change the name to I cumblood and make a huge... cumming blood that is pretty metal i think.
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Fixed for reference
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I sense fail.

this x 14 and chaffinch.

What doent fail however is the album artwork thread inthe promote your band forum. Christ dont you people look around?
Oops! I forgot to put "album cover" in the title.
C'mon guys, were really in need of an album cover. We're all to un-creative atristically to do anything like that.

And we came here for an album cover because we don't know the site. We'll go check out the "band forum".

Thanks anyway.
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i vote for the flaming toilet
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^What's that have to do with "Acidic Dump?"

Edit: @DrPain

Who said anything about acidic dump?