so ive had new contact lenses for two weeks.
not new prescription, just new contacts of the same one.

and theyve been hurting my eyes and drying them out faster than before, to the point i cant wear them for longer than a few hours at a time.

should i deal with it, or try another pair?
Are you using a different solution?
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have you changed brand? could be just a faulty set?

When did you last get your eyes checked. You might need a different perscription
The EXACT same thing is happening with me

Same perscription, just new lenses that are supposedly more comfortable, but they dry out twice as fast to the point where I have to take them out half way through the day. . .

What are the lenses your used and which are the ones your using now?
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Try another pair, or go back to your old ones. When I tried contacts they hurt like hell both times, so I had to give up on them.
Try another brand. I had the same problem when i first started wearing contacts.
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use rewetting drops...

This. I used these during football season before practices. They worked quite well.
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already tried =p

ive been wearing the same brand for about two years, and i dunno what kind, but there ones for astigmatism.

havent changed solutions, and my last check up was around august.

could it just be a faulty pair?
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