So, At my school, strings class is playing enter sandman and I guess the teacher told the class that there would be a guitar part open.(im not in the class) So my freind told me and she gave me the sheet music, and im going to try out for the part tomorrow.
Im not sure how many people are going to try out, but I haven't heard anyone talking about it. Im pretty confident though since I've already learned the whole song 'cept I need to brush up on the solo a little bit.

So, anyone ever have this happen at their school? If so what were your experiences?
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You should go practice so you'll get the part instead of telling UG about it.
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yeah the strings at my school played stairway once.. it was pretty tight they had like flutes on the little recorder part and one person played the vocals on violin. They had a guitarist, drummer, and bassist. It was kinda tight.

I wasn't involved thought i just watched.
I have played guitar for the school choir before in 7th grade. I wasnt in the choir class but one of my friends was in the choir and they needed a guitar part for it so he recommended me. It was an easy song (Dust in the Wind by Kansas). There were also 2 people from orchestra playing the violin solo (or cello?). It was fun
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