I have been playing guitar for 10 months now.

A few months ago, I kinda wrote this song. I wasn't planning to... I just had a sudden inspiration.

I don't think it sucks but to me, it's kinda impossible for it to be good.

So, I wanna ask if any of you guys have written a song after playing for a few months and it turned out pretty darn good... and it stayed good even after you got better in playing.

yea that happened to me except i was playing for about 6 months when i wrote my first song and now i've been playing for a little over a year. Im still using some of those riffs though cuz they were really good thrash riffs but the only thing i didn't like was the solos because they sounded really repeptative and ****ty and also the drums were **** because they were from the mac garage band and i tried doin thrashy beats on the keyboard lol. But i was amazed at myself when i wrote it.
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