Can somebody translate the following sentences into german? would help me a lot with my test. I forgot my book at school! D:

"I am a very friendly, funny, pro-active, short, pleasant person"

"I have four people in my family"

"I like to play guitar. My friends and I like to play football for fun"

Thanks in advance
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Ich bat jemand, dieses für mich zu übersetzen.

Jedoch er wasn' t freundlich und geraubt mir.

Er gab mir fehlerhafte Übersetzungen auch.

Ich bin ein sehr großes Bündel, raube bitte mein Gesicht.

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nice discovery, sir.

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google translate might help,
you enter it in a language, select the desired language and it'll translate

After checking,
those are right^

I asked someone who this is for me to translate.

However, he wasn 't easy, and robbed me.

He gave me incorrect translations as well.

I am a very large bundle, robbery please my face.
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"Ich bin ein Berliner."
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All I can remember is

Ich bin sehr freundlich

Ich habe vier ____ ins meiner familie

Ich spiele guitarre. Meine freunde spielt fussball

man i took german 3 last year, waste of time lol
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You sir are a far braver soul than me if you trust the Pit with these answers.
Especially when it comes to your school work.