I don't honestly know the piece, and I don't really play much lead, so I won't comment on your technique, other than to say I wouldn't have a snowballs chance of nailing most of those licks at all, and you seem to have it all down, nice work.

I do want to give you a big cookie for actually using a proper mic to record a youtube video, most of them are ruined by computer mics. For some reason people want to show off thousands of dollars worth of guitar rig, but bizarrely they don't have access to an instrument mic.
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Just move it around the fretboard
The piece is just a little bit out of your reach and it really hurts your timing. Even if you have all the licks down perfectly it won't sound good at all unless you hit them all at just the right time.

Practice the piece slower with perfect attention to when you play all your notes, it will help you a lot.
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You think highly of yourself, don't you?

But anyways, it does sound a tab bit sloppy if you wanted constructive critisism. But I can't give much. You are better than me. Much, much better than me. I shall go back to playing my little blues solos now...
Strats & Seagulls
I watched a couple more of your vids, you have the same problem in all of them. You have some crazy nice chops, but you sound like you don't know what a metronome is. Practice a lot to a metronome, if you can bring your timing into check it will make you sound LEAGUES better. And I mean LEAGUES.