Lamb of God - Laid to Rest

Please rate its quality and accuracy.

I know it's kind of a played out song but it's fun to play.

Comment mine and I'll comment back.



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remember, the high harmony after the intro breaks is made up of slide-pick-pull slide-pick-pull slide-pick-pull, etc.

Funny enough I can play this song on my acoustic.

LOL Maybe I'll do an acoustic cover of LTR. Or some of their new stuff from Wrath.

Good job though!
very good job mate, I can only echo what Soda Popinski said about the lead lick really.

All in all a very solid job 8/10

Any chance you could crit my Sylosis cover? link to the thread's in my sig
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quality was great, playing was not baad, abit rushed in some places, their are some gaps that need to be filled lol, bridge needs abit more work