Poll: Cheese or blowjobs
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26 60%
17 40%
Voters: 43.
You have to eliminate one in your life. Which is it?

think without cheese no pizza. , Anything that resembles cheese counts.

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Damn. I read it wrong.
I want to keep the cheese.
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Cheese: Because I can't give myself a blowjob... yet.
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
Blowjob > Cheese

It really isnt that difficult.

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"Billy eat your broccolli!"

"Screw you mom!" *raises arms*

Vegan, I already can't eat cheese. I am impervious to your question! FEAR ME!
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Vegan, I already can't eat cheese. I am impervious to your question! FEAR ME!

Easy, I get rid of cheese

edit: Damn your misleading poll, I voted for the wrong one.
grok it.


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umm did i read right? i want to keep cheese
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you sob
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Err...such a tough...decision...I'm gonna cry...='(
However, the last blowjob I had sucked and the last cheese I ate was good. =d
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Well, you can still get handjobs/vaginal/anal sex, so it's not too bad.

But still, there are girls out there who give mindblowing blowjobs....

I still can't decide, god damn it TS!!
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i'm keepin the goddam cheese. That way, i can be like, fvck it, don't suck it, I GOT CHEESE
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