Ok, so i've got a picking problem. I can only speed pick and gallop pick when i've got the bottom of my palm anchored to the guitar body, or the lower strings when i'm speed picking the upper strings. Is this going to turn into a crippling thing when i start to get faster going up and down the strings, or will i be ok? Any info would be appreciated. Please and thank you.
How long have you been playing?

Almost all the guitarist I know started with the anchor and they slowly just grew out of it over time. I don't think it would affect speed that much, but if you are worried about it just watch yourself play and take the time to train yourself out of it. Most people become surprised when they practice about 30 minutes every other day on their technique, how much it improves in a month.
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Check out the Advanced Techniques forum first, next time.

What you are doing is anchoring - You talk like you know what it is. Anchoring is, overall, bad. Here, I will tell you how.

Essentially, anchoring holds you back more than it helps you. It can cause injury and make your playing sloppy.

Why does it cause injury?
Simply put, it causes tension. Constant tension will cause injury. Any doctor will agree with me on that.

Why does it cause tension?
Mostly because it resricts muscle motions. This can sound like a good thing, but it makes you use more energy when you pick. Thus, you tense up.

Why does it make your playing sloppy?
Mainly because of the restricted muscle motions caused by anchoring one part of your arm to the guitar.

I use anchoring as a reference point. This makes it ok...right?
WRONG! In fact, it's not a reference point. If it was a reference point, you wouldn't be able to move it at all. Not even 3mm. This is because your true reference point is the last string you picked.

I hope that helped you.