It's been just a day and I didn't even play yesterday, all i thought was about guitar in class. Any of you guys had this!?
No. thats not normal. i recommend you see a doctor.
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everytime i leave my house. i ways get inspired to play when no guitar is preasent
i love me some bunnys

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Anybody up for a WookieCore Band? You let me know.

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I've had more piano withdraw lately...
probably thanks to the new Muse songs I'm learning (so much fun to play)
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it's the best addiction though, just helps make ya better.
if i don't play for a week or more, i get belligerent and annoying lol.
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yeah i wish i could just take my guitar with me everywhere. Not to irritate anyone just to have something in my hands I used to keep with me a whittle and a block of wood but then i got bitched at for making wood shavings everywhere.
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just play everyday.

I wasn't even home the whole yesterday, one time i did do that, and fell asleep with the guitar on my bed next to me. Woke up with lines on my hands from the strings lol.
I have like crazy lately and i cant play cause my dad has night shift and sleeps after dinner

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
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It's been just a day and I didn't even play yesterday, all i thought was about guitar in class. Any of you guys had this!?

Everytime I'm on here, and think I should be cranking up my amp instead of typing on my computer...kind of like the feeling I have right now ;-(
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Sometimes in a Lecture I am burning to play guitar.

I get home and waste hours on youtube and UG
If I don't play for a week I get really aggressive, air guitar to conversation and beat up small children/animals
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I've solved typeing on ug and not playing guitar I just play on the guitar while waiting for my computer to load each page.