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Snow Demons

I've never found love in the snow.

For years,
I've watched little girls press
tiny pink noses against icy panes.
Elated squeals tickling their lips;
as they watched snowflakes skip down and
say hello to the grass.

Every brown eye;
opening up to pine-needle lashes
that dance to the music
of the northern winds...
and filled with visions of
snow-angels holding hands.
The one she made with the one
her crush made.

Those tiny lips;
poking out from underneath a toboggan
that's two sizes too big,
as they find warmth against two
other lips that are
trembling, trembling.

I once asked a little girl why she
always danced when it snowed.
"Can't you feel it? It's different when it snows.
Everybody finds what they want when it snows."

I've never found love in the snow.


In the chlorized silence
of deep December
I pace, and dissect

I demand solemnity
from the face of Nature
She gently mocks me
with mere snowflakes.

But for a snowflake,
life is a serious matter.
It has but a few moments
to revel in itself.

light light mist
drift. wind connoisseur.

twirl the world on its axis
surface sheen,

Take us.

A tired mind watches
as a snowflake retires suddenly
Exuberant and pristine,
Gleams whitely, just-so
Now one with Father Snow.

I tread December earth,

but now with caution.

A Hollow Costume

I sit alone,
woodstove burning slow
turning this humble home
into a smokehouse.
Sipping on oak-aged scotch
and patience,
it's no wonder I've almost run dry.

It's white out, it's warm in,
temperatures rise with
the increase of crackling,
burning a mix of maple and cherry.
I refuse to turn my chair
to face towards the door, besides,
we've all been late before.

Rough hands nurturing glass
I subtly swirling my drink around
with my left, never putting it down
as I add wood to the fire.
A quick glance at my phone
to make sure I didn't miss her call.
No, I didn't miss anything... Well...

One more sip and I've run out, so I pour another;
another ghost made of balance and bones,
another reason for eyelids to fall,
and another reminder of why I had never invited her
over tonight in the first place.

It seems winter changes more than just the weather.
I found the punchline in all these pieces to be lacking.
Dunno which is stronger... i'll think on it.
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